Saturday, May 06, 2006

Seaweed for Animal Feed

Evaluation of Nutrition and Organoleptic Physical Quality for Pellet Using
Some Levels of Seaweed (Sargassum sp)


R. I. Pujaningsih, S. Sumarsih, BIM. Tampoebolon
(Lab. of Technology and Feed Industry,
Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Diponegoro University)


Seaweed represent as one of nature resource which not exploited in an optimal fashion yet. Sargassum sp has permanent potential upon feed as carbohydrate source. This research aim to study the influence of using some Sargassum sp.’s level toward pellet by combining conditioning and non-conditioning method headed for nutrition’s quality and organoleptic physical quality. Yellow corn, rice bran, oil cake coconut, oil cake soy, fish meal, seaweed (Sargassum sp) and premix were used for pellet composing. Factorial model based on completely (block) randomized design was employed through out the experiment. Two factors have been evaluated (i) the level of Sargassum sp’s addition (0; 5; 10 and 15%), and (ii) the method of pellet composing (conditioning and unconditioning). Data were subjected to ANOVA. Duncan and t-test was used for further analysis. Parameter observed including proximate component, durability, colour and texture of pellet. The results show the existence of real interaction (p<0,05) among treatments to the content of dry matter, ash, crude protein, crude fiber and Nitrogen of Free Extract. The increasing of nutrient quality presented by the content of dry matter, ash, crude fat and Nitrogen of Free Extract. Furthermore, the content of crude fiber and crude protein were significantly decreasing (p<0,05). Use of Sargassum sp toward pellet yield the brown to black colour, medium to harsh texture with 86,67; 89,16 and 91,41% level of durability. While control yield light brown colour, fine texture by 92,52% durability level. Conclusion indicates that the use of Sargassum sp may not be able to improve the quality of organoleptic physical yet. The evaluation of nutrition quality concluded the increasing of dry matter content, ash, crude fat and Nitrogen of Free Extract while crude protein and crude fiber content decreasing.

Keywords: pellet quality, seaweed, nutrient evaluation, organoleptic physical

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